Freddy Martinez (martinezf20001) wrote,
Freddy Martinez

A Day Without a Mexican

This movie was bad in my opinion, for the following reasons:

I didn't find it funny at all. What was the punchline? The misleading title of the film? There was very little humorous about the movie. I just sat there in a stupor.

Not everyone is meant to act.

I didn't find anything particularly interesting. Sure Mexicans make up a vital part of California's economy...and then? It seems like they could have pushed the boundries further. I enjoy documentaries, where interesting fact rise (did you know Muslims were the first to use wind energy or the gear) rather than the ad-lib movie I watched. I went to the show to see it when it first came out, it made me want to stay home and never go to the movies again.

Go join a union if you feel like it.
That's all.
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